Our Culture

The Team Wakabayashi culture is best expressed by two words: “Fail Better”

Our approach to work is explorative and solution-oriented and as such we face many challenges that are unique to our client’s situations. We tackle the unknown with courage and curiosity which sometimes reveals more problems than answers – we’re okay with that and so are our clients. We all work together as a unified team to create positive change with goodwill and good energy in everything we do.

Our Story

2020 changed everything for everyone

Dennis Wakabayashi led fortune 500 companies to success with customer experience strategies for 10 years before witnessing the unprecedented changes that the pandemic brought to businesses around the world.

After seeing the downsizing and dramatic shift in the global workforce, Dennis set out to reimagine support for the business leaders he’d become accustomed to working with.

Alongside a team of savvy friends in the areas of Operations, Finance, Development, and Logistics Dennis and friends formed Team Wakabayashi to enable business leaders to access support for Social Media, Web development and Digital Marketing initiatives without the need for long-term contracts or high costs.

2021 gave birth to a new agency model

In 2021 Team Wakabayashi rapidly grew from 5 to 60 employees serving clients across the board from start-ups to world-leading brands.

Our “sprint” approach to helping companies solve immediate challenges proved to be a strong asset for many leaders who had been impacted by the downsizing and uncertainty of 2020.


We provide on-demand teams 24 hours a day at low costs for Digital Marketing, Web Development, and social media assignments. We of course do much more, but those are the main areas we work in today. When you need teamwork to do the dream work. We got you.

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