About Us

About Us

Team Wakabayashi is an international team of specialists who share a passion for solving business challenges for leaders who, simply put, “know there is a better way.”

What do we mean by “better way?”

In the business world today, we have recognized two classifications of business leaders emerging.
The Dashers and Defenders.

Dashers tend to see the business landscape as dynamic and multifaceted.
They have a need to move quickly and have a desire to scale with the use of technology. This requires them to adjust to algorithms, shift in global economic opportunities and adapt quickly to trends.

Defenders tend to harness established business practices
and seek to maintain a particular market position where they have been successful. This requires them to focus on efficiency to overcome the threat from newer business models that disrupt current profit streams.

Whether you are a Dasher or a Defender, you need to respond to change. This is where Team Wakabayashi makes a difference in your game plan.

We provide subject matter experts who are ready and organized to address quick sprints to achieve short-term goals and possess the infrastructure to shift gears and support long-term strategies.

This is why Start-Ups love us.

Our team is ideal for the start-up executive who needs to react quickly to opportunities and get off the ground quickly. We bring support to marketing departments, sales departments, and operational teams where it matters most.

We scale with you.
This week you need a team to help with a grand opening and next week you don’t; we get that. Other times you need support as you work around the clock and don’t want to hire full-time employees when tomorrow is uncertain. We get that too.

The same agility endears us to Enterprise leaders as well.
The corporate landscape is riskier than ever, requiring a lot of small gambles to find the right investment to capitalize on emerging trends or locate efficiencies. Our team fills in gaps and provides a path for your company to experiment or pursue hunches. We get in and we get out.

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